Our Program

First and Fore most the happiness and health of our animals come before anything.  All of our animals are raised Right here in our home following bad ass breeder and puppy culture protocol, which is proven to help with early neurological stimulation, socialization, potty training and leash walking.

Each of our puppies are introduced to a

  • doggy door
  • crate training
  • daily household noises
  • loud children 
  • other animals before leaving our home. 

Our puppies are all checked by our vet twice. Once a 3-5 days old and again around 7-8 weeks before leaving our home. Each puppy comes with their vet health records and lifetime Breeder support. 

All of our puppies are sold with a return contract. As well as a strict spay/neuter contract unless otherwise discussed. 

To make sure our puppies get the forever home they deserve, we carefully interview all potential owners. Please understand, we have the right to refuse service to anyone we feel is not the best fit for one of our puppies.

Our Excellence: 

Before entering our breeding program, each of our dam’s must be DNA, Health & Fully Genetic Tested as well as pass PennHip testing. Each dam must pass all testing and be clear of ALL genetic diseases & conditions. This means they’re not a carrier of or at risk for any genetic diseases. They must also be 100% DNA Clear. We do not have a single dog in our program that is not PennHip, DNA, Health & Genetic Tested. 

We do this testing and pass on the results to each of our Puppy Families so that we are crystal clear about the health, genetics and DNA of our dams as well as their puppies. This is important for both pure bred and doodle breeds. 

 We DO NOT Feed any animal in our program A grain Free Diet.

We use Pro-biotic Max as our pro-biotics. This contains, pro-biotics, digestive enzymes and pre-biotics. We use this every evening in each Dam’s meal. We double it to twice a day (Morning & Night) during pregnancy and nursing for our dams. 

Every Dam in our program is on Interceptor Plus, as well as daily vitamins and probiotics. Overall health is important but Gut health is also very important. Healthy puppies start with a healthy dam.

 Our Dams:

Once a dam has passed all DNA, health and genetic testing, as well as completed her first heat cycle— She then becomes part of our breeding program.

Each of our dams are started on Breeders Edge Oxy Mate Prenatal Vitamin after they’ve completed their first heat cycle— this is usually around 6-9 months old. Our dams are bred on either their second or third heat. 

Once a dam reaches day 60 of pregnancy she is transitioned from the Oxy Mate vitamin to the Oxy Momma vitamin. This helps boost milk supply and give her the added nutrients she and her babies both need.

Once the dam has entered active/hard labor, we give her the first dose of Breeders Edge Oral Cal Plus. We then repeat the dose after every other puppy is born. Calcium is VERY important during whelping. It helps keep the dams energy levels up, helps regulate contractions and helps her deliver her babies in a shorter amount of time. This also helps prevent preeclampsia in the days to come. 

Once puppies are born, our dams are also given Doc Roy’s Healthy Bones once daily until weaning is finished. This is a Calcium Phosphorus Supplement.  This supplement helps the dam recover faster and continues to help keep her calcium at an ideal level. 

We allow weaning to happen naturally. We find this is best for momma and her babies. Momma is allowed to come and go as she pleases until she is completely done weaning her pups. For some dams this is around 5 weeks, for others it’s closer to 7 weeks. We let each dam set her own pace for weaning. 

After weaning is complete, our dams are transitioned back onto Breeders Edge Oxy Mate Prenatal Vitamin to help with recovery after whelping and weaning puppies.  



At this time we are only using outside studs.  Studs are required to be clear of ALL DNA, health and genetic testing.

 Our Litters:

Our puppies are given Breeders Edge Nature Mate 12 hours after birth and again at 24, 48 & 72 hours old. Natures Mate helps give puppies a healthy start to life. It is full of colostrum, proteins and other nutrients that help protect the Immune System and GI tract which are both very important for healthy growing babies. 

Our Weekly Puppy Practices: 

•1 hour – 13 days old— They’re weighed every 12 hours to insure proper weight gain and health as well as start puppy culture training.  

• 2 weeks old — They receive their first worming and we begin house training by introducing puppy pads. 

• 4 weeks old—They receive their second de-worming and at this time they also start stage two of house training, which is being introduced to the litter box. 

• 5 weeks old—They receive their Neo Par Vaccine and They’re moved from the nursery to the toddler area. They begin receiving daily probiotics.

• 6 weeks old— They are dewormed and introduced to the doggy door and crate training. 

 • 7 weeks old— They have their final vet check, receive their 1st 5 way shot 

• 8 weeks old— They’re ready to be picked up by their forever families.