Guardian Program

In order to give our breeding dogs the very best life possible, it is important to limit how many dogs we personally keep at our home. But in order to breed the highest quality dogs possible, we need to continuously evaluate and add quality blood-lines to our breeding program. So, how is this possible?  For us, and many breeders like us, the answer is a Guardian Home Program. Our Guardian Home Program allows us to expand our dog breeding program the right way… by keeping our breeding dogs out of a kennel environment and in a loving Guardian Home, where each dog is a cherished family members. 

In order to be considered as a Guardian Home, you must
  1. Live within 90 minutes of Vinita, OK (zipcode 74301)
  2. Be flexible to drop off and pick up the dog for health testing, vet visits, breeding, and whelping puppies.

As a Guardian Home, you get a high quality, pick of the litter pup free of charge and you become that puppy’s forever home. American Poodles and Doodles retains breeding rights of the dog. For females, this starts at sexual maturity and ends once the female has whelped (given birth) to 4 litters. Male dogs contracts tend to be longer and they are bred on an “as needed” basis.

While the dog is in our breeding program, American Poodles & Doodles pays for all breeding-related expenses.  Guardian Homes are responsible for all typical “pet” expenses and maintenance, including grooming by a professional, dog food, pet-related vet visits (annual vaccinations, parasite prevention, training, etc. 

Refer to the bullet list below

Once a dog passes its health testing, American Poodles and Doodles decides when each dog will be bred and to whom. Females stay with their Guardian Family during pregnancy (normal gestation is about 63 days) and then she is returned to us a few days before her due date (normally around day 52) to deliver (whelp) and raise her puppies. Once the puppies are weaned, which is typically when pups are around 5-6 weeks of age, the female can be picked up by her Guardian Family. When the dog has completed his/her breeding obligations, we pay for the spay/neuter and release ownership of the dog to you so that he/she can return home to enjoy the wonderful life that you have provided for him/her since puppyhood.

There are many things that Guardian Families need to consider. Guardians of females have to deal with several heat cycles and keeping their girl protected from unwanted males. Guardians of females will also have to be comfortable being away from their dog for an extended period of time (normally around 2 months each litter). The Guardian Family will need to learn the signs of a heat cycle and be willing to communicate, cooperate and coordinate with us to ensure a successful breeding. Male dogs can only mate with approved females, so the Guardian Home is responsible for keeping the male away from intact female dogs. Guardians of intact males will need to consider the importance of keeping him properly contained to prevent unwanted litters.

We view our Guardian Home Program as a true “win-win” situation. Our Guardian Families receive a “pick of the litter” quality puppy free of charge in return for working with American Poodles and Doodles during the breeding years of the dog, and we have the satisfaction of knowing that our breeding dogs are living life as cherished family members.




  1. Have previous experience with dogs
  2. Must be located within a reasonable radius of Vinita, OK area
  3. Be willing to teach basic commands such as sit, stay, lay down, no, and leave it He/she must be an indoor pet and never left unattended outside
  4. Feed a premium, quality dog food 
  5. All other dogs in the home MUST be fixed if they are the opposite sex
  6. Provide regular exercise 
  7. Willing to let us, the breeder, visit your home
  8. Contact breeder immediately in the event of a serious illness or accident
  9. Must not allow he/she to mate with any unapproved dogs
  10. Provide veterinary care when needed
  11. If you are a guardian for a female dog, you must be willing to drop her off 1-2 weeks while she is bred. Then drop her back off 1 week prior to her whelping date. She will stay with us until the puppies are weaned
  12. Be able to communicate with us, the breeder, about scheduling testing, mating, whelping, and anything else breeding related


If you are interested in becoming a guardian home for American Poodles and Doodles and meet all of the above qualifications:

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