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I’m Sarah Owens,

I am the founder of American Poodles and Doodles, I am the wife to my middle school sweetheart, a momma to our 5 amazing kids, and a dog momma to the Poodles and Doodles that make up our program.

My dream started in 2019 shortly after welcoming our first doodle into our family, Cocoa Chanel. The rest is history.

I was so in love with my new best friend. Cocoa was the most loving companion. She was my heart healer. I wanted everyone to have a best friend like Cocoa, and so my journey began.

My goal is to produce dogs that are structurally sound, healthy genetics, and have phenomenal temperaments.

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At American Poodles and Doodles, we guarantee top-notch puppies that come from quality parents who have undergone genetic testing. Our breeding dogs are not just treated as breeding dogs but are also loved as pets. We strive to find families who are searching for a new best friend to join their household.

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In Loving Memory of Cocoa